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Benefit of seasonal clothing fashion

A good shoe is one that not only fulfills its aesthetic mission, but also provides support and comfort at our feet. When choosing a shoe should not be taken lightly, as there are certain models and materials that can cause us damage in the short or long term,  ( catalogo de Price shoes )or leave us lying in the street with a broken heel. That is why it is important that you buy good brands that are to your liking and trust.


Martinelli is a benchmark that has left its mark in Spain for years, setting trends in the male. However, recently they have gained much preference among us with their collections for the female audience for having an urban and cosmopolitan touch. In addition, you can buy them easily and with very good discounts in Privalia, the private club that organizes punctual sales of top fashion brands and complements for its subscribers with discounts of up to 70%. fashion

Their handbags and shoes are designed with feminine ( ofertas platanitos ) lines and colorful tones, made with high quality skins, that adapt to both the youngest women and the mature and present. They have a wide range of heels, sandals and casual shoes ideal for all occasions and different rhythms of life. If you are one of those who values ​​design and quality, this brand is for you, so do not miss the opportunity to purchase your parts through from March 29 to April 1 by registering at the club! catalogo ofertas terra


Definitely vintage returns in the spring season, so you could not miss a very retro accessory that gives us the touch of color to our look: The buckets. These elastic bands that we tied to our hair to make a high ponytail, a braid or a bow, we saw in our star series so eighty as 'Sensation of Live' that so many good moments has given us. And now we can also find them in the women of foot to combine with any garment of clothes and to use both day and night.

We can find them in very different forms and colors of all kinds, since it has evolved in color and form. There are large and colorful fabrics, transparent or even resemble a wire with plastified material, not forgetting the velvet and satin that is the star fabric of this year. Also of different prints, from flowers to stripes, pictures, crow's feet or moles


Of course they are very  ( ropa andrea ) comfortable to wear and make us clear the hair of the face to get more out of the makeup we wear, or even ideal with a high top to expose our neck and neckline. vestidos

The coleteros is also a star accessory in two scenarios: when it comes to going to the gym, the comfort that provides us wearing hair collected when it comes to doing the exercises, is indispensable and the other is on the beach, with the heat and Bathing we need something to free us from the hair on our faces